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Launched in 2009, LUCID has grown into a successful emerging company that delivers high quality, affordable gear for the shooting sports. Our foundation and passion is in quality optics. However there is more to LUCID than simply being glass geeks. We are shooters too, we use this stuff and know what is expected of it in real world situations.

Keeping up with today's political and economic forces is tough enough without spending excessive amounts on quality gear. In a world gone crazy with corporate attitudes and high prices we are proud to be an exception. The basic and common sense ideals from which we operate resonate in all that we do. Our customers are viewed as an extended part of our family.

We firmly believe that overkill is truly under rated and when applied skillfully and properly there really are no limits to what is possible. Each LUCID item is specifically designed with this in mind, managing form and function to exceed expectations. We create our products through practical hands on approach, not in a boardroom or in a high-rise building somewhere, but on the range in the hands of capable law enforcement, military, competition and recreational shooters alike. This foundation and approach in the product development ensures that LUCID is able to offer a refreshing, functional perspective on all of the critical details of each product we produce.
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